Shipping Questions

After you place your order, Tulanari will take 3-7 business days to prepare an in stock item it for shipment. A Custom or Special Order Item will take longer. Shipping times are dependent upon USPS.

Salt Lake City, Utah

We restock items on a case-by-case basis.  Subscribing to our e-mail list ensures that you will never miss a launch, pre-order opportunity or a restock notice. 😊

The time it takes to create custom and bulk earrings is on a case-by-case basis and will depend on the materials needed and the details of your dream earring.

Return and Exchanges

We do not except returns or exchanges.  Should an earring arrive damaged or something happen to your earring within the first 24 hours after arrival, Tulanari will replace free of charge or issue a refund.

Within 7-10 Business Days.

Care and materials

-Clean your earrings with a soft towel or polishing cloth.
-Store in a cool, clean location out of direct sun light and away from anything that could scratch the surface.
-Remove any makeup residue by gently wiping with a damp, soft towel, or polishing cloth.  Or by using a gentle makeup remover.

-Sleeping, Showering, Soaking or Swimming in your ladies.
-(If they do get wet simply dab dry with a soft cloth. This is to protect the longevity of the metal, getting the clay wet will not damage the clay.)
-Dropping or IntentionallyBending any part of the earring including the wire wrapping/studs.
-Coming in direct contact with perfume or other sprays that contain alcohol or chemicals.  This may affect the color and durability of clay, resin and crystals/gemstones.

All of our earrings areHypoallergenic and Lightweight.  TheMaterials we use are Polymer Clay, 18k Gold Coated Jewelry Hardware, Variety ofCrystal and Gemstones, and Gold Coated Wire.

Yes, as a woman with sensitive ears, it’s important to me to ensure all of our earrings are safe and comfortable to wear.

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